is a Catholic school that offers three levels of secondary education: pre-university education (VWO), pre-professional education (HAVO) and pre-vocational education (VMBO).
Since 2012 a bilingual stream (English/Dutch) for both pre-university and pre-professional has been available for those students seeking to further their school career in an international environment. In addition the school works closely with teacher training institutions promoting academic excellence and encouraging new teachers to hone their skills and engage in academic research.

At home 

Sintermeertencollege aims to offer a climate in which the pupils feel at home and in which they can develop a level of independence and fulfil their potential enabling them to face their next level of education with confidence. Classes are provided in a modern building with excellent facilities.


Sintermeertencollege aims to inspire pupils to learn and succeed and thus attaches great value to the supervision and coaching of students. We put children at the centre of all we do: we believe in a three way partnership with school, home and the individual, ensuring that each and every young person is inspired to learn and supported to succeed. Pupils with learning difficulties such as dyslexia are coached by trained remedial teachers. For higher grade pupils the career’s guidance councillor is responsible for providing information on future career opportunities to students and their class tutors.

ICT support 

Sintermeertencollege has a reputation for being a school where education is supported by ICT. ‘Its Learning’ provides students with an excellent electronic learning environment involving not only teachers and fellow students, but also students they have befriended during national and international projects.


Sintermeertencollege was the first Dutch school to be certified as a ‘Sport Active School’ in 2004: a quality mark for schools that meets a great many criteria. A ‘Sport Active School’ is constantly optimizing physical exercise and extracurricular sports activities. A very popular event is our annual ski trip to Austria.

Bilingual education 

Sintermeertencollege realises our society is becoming more and more internationally oriented which consequently means there is also a growing need for people who are competent in the English language. In 2012 bilingual education (TTO) was launched in the school and offers the ideal preparation for the students future in the wider world. Not only do they learn to speak and write English proficiently, they also learn about other countries and cultures via participation in various international activities and foreign exchanges. Bilingual education is a complete international educational programme within the Dutch educational system.

Broaden your horizon

Being a bilingual and ELOS school the emphasis is on high quality internationally oriented education ensuring that students reach the desired European International Orientation (EIO) requirements set out by the European Platform. By the time students have finished their educational career at Sintermeertencollege they will have acquired an excellent range of international certificates which include Cambridge FCE and CAE (English), IGCSE History and Global Perspectives and IB language and Literature complementing their regular national diplomas. Students are also offered the opportunity to attain international diplomas for German (Goethe) and French (Delf Scolaire). Our bilingual students leave school with an extensive CV which enables them to broaden their horizons.