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On Wednesday morning at 3 AM our trip to Canterbury started. We went with the bus to Calais. The trip to Calais took 4 hours. In Calais we had to pass through customs and we needed to show our ID.
After we passed the customs we boarded the ferry by bus and parked on deck 5 which had the colour blue. We sailed with the company DFDS lines. The ferry was very big and very luxurious. The ferry had a store, restaurants and you could also go outside on the deck. Outside on the deck there was a lot of wind but it wasn't too cold. When we disembarked the ferry we went to Dover Castle.

Dover Castle

Dover Castle was very impressive, you saw a lot of things and it was very beautiful. (see picture above). From the top of Dover Castle you had an amazing view of the surrounding area.

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Underneath Dover Castle we visited the "Secret Wartime Tunnels".
This is a tunnel system that has been used in the 2nd World War as a command centre to save the allies who had been trapped by the Germans in Dunkirk. The operation called "operation Dynamo". Approximately 330.000 soldiers have been rescued due to operation Dynamo .

After leaving the Secret Wartime tunnels we went by bus to Canterbury where the bus was parked and we walked to the Canterbury Tales.

The Canterbury Tales

canterbury luna 3 2018About 600 years ago people walked the pilgrimage. While walking the pilgrimage they started to get bored and they started telling each other stories.
One man said that the person who told the best story would get a more elaborate meal after they finished the pilgrimage. He said: the person who draws the shortest piece of straw must start telling a story. That's how the stories started. Each person told a different story e.g the miller, he told a story with not so neat words, the sexy woman, she already had 5 men and was looking for a 6th etc.. When you walk through the Canterbury Tales you get to hear all those stories. You got a kind of a hand radio. While passing the rooms and listening to the hand radio you will hear stories of the images you see in the rooms. Light shines on the image in the room while hearing a story about the highlighted image.
It was very nice and impressive to see the Canterbury Tales.

After the Canterbury Tales we went to the town of Canterbury and there we had to interview somebody. Our group interviewed a person and asked him some questions about his favourites in town. After we finished the interview we were free to go and discover the town by ourselves. We had to come back to the meeting point at 6 PM to start our journey back home.

Back in the bus we went to the port were the ferry was waiting. Again we had to pass customs. This time everybody got a body search. Luckily everybody came through it and we went on with our journey to Calais. We got the same ferry as we did this morning. Again our deck was number 5 but this time the colour was red.
On board of the ferry and during sailing we had an amazing view of the sea and the coastline.

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When we arrived in the port of Calais and left the ferry by bus,  Again, we had to sit 4 hours in the bus and during this time I played truth or dare with my friends. It was fun and we laughed a lot. After 4 hours of traveling we arrived in Heerlen at school on Thursday at approximately 2 AM were my parents were waiting for me.
I enjoyed the trip to Canterbury very much, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun with my classmates. I'm already looking forward to the next trip with school.
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