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V3at went the 8 of January 2020 with misses Claessens from Visual arts, to the exhibition Design & Nature in the Cube in Kerkrade. Misses Claessens went there before on the study day of SVOPL and thought it was so fantastic and got so inspired that she had to share it and do something with it. The content of the book of the third years is about social issues and art and nature, so this exhibition fitted in perfectly.

The students learned about design thinking (checking first if there is a market for a product/design and if it does really work, before putting it on the market) and then saw how designers from all over the world came up with new solutions for environmental problems that we ourselves created. Products like cups or fabric made from algae, burial suits that clear up our toxic dead bodies due to mushrooms, mechanisms that are inspired by looking at animals, machinery that clear up plastic in our plastic soup sea and art that makes us with lost sounds, visuals and smells aware of the fact that animals became and become extinct because of us.

The students are going to do an assignment that was inspired by this exhibition. It might turn out in products we are going to sell. The raised money will than go to the World Nature Foundation (WNF) because they did and do right to our nature and planet all along. A small step from us in giving back to nature.

A special thanks to the parents which drove the students!

Mrs. Claessens, teacher

Design Cube infoto A 1140

Design Cube infoto B 1140