Terug naar overzicht

Quirien en Isabelle hebben in Stolberg meegewerkt aan het project. Dit keer stond een bezoek aan de stad Aken op het programma. Omdat het een TTO-programma is, schrijven zij in het Engels.

Today we had to say goodbye to the hostfamilies. Our hostfamilies were really nice and we had a great time staying with them. When we said goodbye we went to school and from school we went to Aachen. We went to Aachen by train. When we arrived in Aachen we had a tour through Aachen and we learned about the Aachener Printen. Aachener Printen are a kind of ginger bread. They said that the Aachener Printen can be bought all year long, it did not matter what season, although most people like Achener Printen in Christmas time. They also would export them to other countries as a gift, for example Japan.

When we had done that we had to say goodbye to the people from Berlin. After that we got a tour about the cathedral from Aachen, we learned a lot about the history of the cathedral and it was very interesting. Then we had to say goodbye to the people of Stolberg and we went home. It was a great trip and a big experience. We look forward to the next exchange!

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