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In the morning we all had breakfast, we went to the school with the subway. My first impression of the school campared to ours was that this school is a bit out-dated. The rooms and halways are pretty dark but they have an amazing schoolyard, it is more green and there are many things to do. We got a presentation from Bikeygees, an organisation that teaches (refugee) women how to ride a bicycle. They explained who they are and gave us points to focus on for making our project. After the presentation we decided to do three projects in three different groups. During the break we had lunch and played football on the field next to the schoolyard. After that we had a cycling tour through Berlin. During the tour we visited lots of important buildings in Berlin and the guide explained what they were all about. In the evening we had some spare time and went back to the Hostel.



On Wednesday we first went to the school in the morning. We worked on the cycling project. We made a project plan. We made posters and worked the project out. We had around 4 hours to work on it with a break in between. After that we went to an old airport wich used to be used in the war. They organised a BMX workshop for us. The group was devided in 3 little groups. One by one the profesional BMX rider thought us 2-3 tricks. In the time that it wasn’t our turn, we could do other sports like basketball, football, pingpong or badminton. When we were done with the workshops we went to the Mall of Berlin. We first had dinner there and after that we had 2 hours of free time.



On Thursday morning, the three groups presented their ideas to the other groups and the teachers. The projects focused on cycling and the environment, making other road users more aware of the vulnerability of cyclists, and promoting safety gear among cyclists. After this, contact info was exchanged and the Reus group left for the airport. The students from Heerlen, Stolberg and Berlin visited the Berlin Wall memorial and did some more sightseeing. It was a very interesting week full of new experiences for all of us!

Mrs Scheffer, Pieke and Quirien


Peddle2 2019 tekstfoto 1140Peddle2 2019 tekstfoto 1140