Terug naar overzicht

Onze leerlingen zitten tijdens de Peddle Power week niet alleen in Berlijn, maar ook in het Spaanse Reus - het eerste berichtje.

First visit to the city

In the afternoon we went to the city of Reus. First we did the cycle activities and interviewed some people in the city about cycling. We wrote the answers down. Then we had lunch and some free time and we could do whatever we liked. Later we went to do a scavenger hunt that had to do with modernism. We had to answer 26 questions about buildings in Reus in our groups of four. The winners got ice cream as a price, and our group won. Then we went back to our guest homes and at 18.30 Zhan, Faysel and I went bowling in the centre with some of the other students. It was a very nice, but long day.

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