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Onze school heeft ook leerlingen uit Duitsland op bezoek gehad in het kader van het Peddle Power Project. Een verslagje van de leerlingen.

Visit to Heerlen

On Monday the 20.05.2019 the people from stollberg and berlin arrived at 17 o'clock in the station in Heerlen, at the station they got to know their host parents and also drove home with them. At their homes they met the family and ate together.

The next day we drove to Maastricht and spent an hour there looking at the city, some went to the library and others were eating at McDonald's. Then the ship was there with which we drove to arrive at the well-known Maastricht caves. On the spot, we found that very interesting, because then the project was not just about bicycles. Then we drove back to the center of Maastricht and we had another hour off.

The following day we stayed in school for the time being. There we talked together about the problems cyclists in Heerlen and together we have collected ideas for solving these problems. We packed these results into a presentation and later presented them to the mayor. We arrived a little earlier and went to the nearest mall nearby to wait for our appointment. Then the mayor of Voerendaal also welcomed us and we ate cake together while he introduced himself. Shortly thereafter, we also started our presentations. When we were done, the mayor dealt with each problem and solution and said why which solution was not feasible and which ideas were actually enforceable. He also promised to propose one of our solutions in his closest meeting. Then we were picked up and we spent the evening together with our host family.

The next day we met again to write the reports and take pictures.

Student Peddle team Germany

Peddle Heerlen tekst1 860

Peddle Heerlen tekst1 860