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Reus day to day report

Tuesday may 21st
Today we first arrived at the Spanish school. We went to a classroom where we got an introduction movie about their school. After this, the students from Spain gave us a tour through the school.
When we were finished with that, we went to the classroom and got divided in groups of 4 of 5 and we did the first assignments about cycling in Reus, Stolberg and Heerlen. Then we had a break and we were allowed to walk around the school.
After the break we went with a bus to Cambrils, which is near Reus along the coast. Here we had an hour of free time and because the weather was really nice we went to the beach where we played volleyball and soccer. Next, we went cycling along the coast of Cambrils to Salou. At the end we were allowed to buy an ice cream and we went back with the bus to Reus.

Wednesday 22 May

Wednesday morning was again an active morning, after finishing our tasks in our project book we went to one of the bigger class rooms in the school. This is where we had the bike workshop, there a Spanish (or Catalan) sir explained the rules for bikers when participating in traffic, this was quite interesting but me and the other Dutch students probably already knew most of the rules because of our daily usage of bicycles.

After the explanation we had the chance to show our skill and knowledge of bikes, luckily my dad showed me a thing or 2 and I was able to take off both wheels of the bike, furthermore it was interesting to see that the Spanish kids did not know a lot about bicycles and that the German students could cycle but did not cycle to school because of various reasons.


In the afternoon we went to the city of Reus. First we did the cycle activities and interviewed some people in the city about cycling. We wrote the answers down. Then we had lunch and some free time and we could do whatever we liked. Later we went to do a scavenger hunt that had to do with modernism. We had to answer 26 questions about buildings in Reus in our groups of four. The winners got ice cream as a price, and our group won. Then we went back to our guest homes and at 18.30 Zhan, Faysel and I went bowling in the centre with some of the other students. It was a very nice, but long day.

Thursday 23 May

Thursday was our shortest day, since we would be leaving in the afternoon.
We continued where we left off the days before, in completing our assignment of helping Reus to getting more active cyclists, by  writing down all our arguments and presenting them in a video to our group.

We then went back to the Reus city centre in the early afternoon and we were given free time to eat lunch and maybe do some shopping. After we all ate our lunch and had some fun in the city for the final time, we walked back to the school, grabbed our bags, took a nice group picture and said goodbye to the Spanish students, and we went off to the airport to go home.

Kitana & Jesse

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