Terug naar overzicht

Dear students, teachers, parents, grandparents, gamers, Netflix lovers, sports fanatics, Harry Potter nerds, music makers and listeners, animal adorers, and all other readers of our biggest Chronicle edition EVER, 

For this special, extra big edition, a LOT of students have worked on their own articles. For B1BT and B1JT, this was actually the very first article they have ever written, and for MH2AT it was their second time around, but now they all had to overcome another challenge: writing and editing most of their articles while being online at home. From February until April, all these students have been working really hard online  and in class, doing research, brainstorming, writing, checking, video calling and editing, to fill this St. Martinā€™s Chronicle! 

Also for us, teachers behind the scenes who put this whole magazine together, added lay-out and pictures and made all the finishing touches, it has taken a while to get through the 38 articles, which fill up a magazine of 81 (!) pages.  

It has been a lot of work, but an even bigger lot of fun, and we hope that you as our reader will have just as much fun while reading. We think there will be an interesting, awesome or flabbergasting article for everyone, since there are many different topics to read about!  


 Fullscreen please use: https://online.fliphtml5.com/fuulr/hmij/  

A special word of thanks to Ms. Pieters, who was one the editing teachers and she did an amazing job again šŸ˜Š.