Terug naar overzicht
Dear readers,
On behalf of our freshman group, I would like to welcome to our final issue of the St. Martin’s Courier. 
I remember it well. I pitched the idea for a school newspaper linked to our bilingual department in January 2014.
Miss Romano and Mrs. Heuter, our tto coordinators at the time, liked the idea, so together with our  pupils, I started working on our first issue of the Saint Martin’s Courier (SMC).  Six years later, it is time to turn off the lights in the newsroom and say goodbye to this amazing project. It is a bittersweet feeling to work on this last issue, but I think you will agree with me that we are going out with a bang.
When you look at the frontpage of this final issue, you can see that the world has changed a lot over the last 6 years and 14 previous issues. When we will look back in six years’ time, I think we will definitely remember 2020: and the year is not over yet…
Now, back to business. Students from B1at, B1bt, B1ct and our awesome pioneers from B1jt contributed in producing the stories you are about to read. 
The newsroom worked on their stories during one of their weekly Maatwerkuren, to broaden their horizons and to improve their English writing skills. I want to congratulate them all on a job well done!
You are about to read stories about COVID19, an interview with our new principal, Brexit (yes, still going on!), the environment, entertainment, technology, games, sports and so much more!
This Editor in chief helped them along the way, but did not interfere in their writing process or what they were writing about. This also means that there might be mistakes in grammar and spelling, but I hope you will agree that this in no way affects the quality of the articles.
The editor in chief and coordinator is signing off. It is time to broaden our horizons and find new ways to work on our language skills, global citizenship and personal development. 
To infinity and beyond!
Dennis van Roekel
Editor In Chief St. Martin’s Courier
tto coordinator (havo-vwo)
Enjoy reading.....