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Vier dagen zijn de leerlingen van HV2at en V2at op pad in het mooie Drenthe. Een uitwisseling met leerlingen van CS Vincent van Gogh. Op het programma staan onder meer een bezoek aan Kamp Westerbork, een fietstocht, een bezoek aan het waddeneiland Borkum en activeiten samen met leerlingen op de gastgever school. 

Wat korte verslagjes in de engelse taal door een van onze leerlingen


Sunday April 2th

We had to gather at a quarter to two at the Heerlen stadium. When we were all there we went by train to Roermond. there we had a short transfer to another train that went to Nijmegen.
When we arrived in Nijmegen we just missed the train so we had to wait half an hour luckly for us there was a starbucks. When the train to Zwolle arrived it was chaos because we didn't want to miss our train again in the train in was very full and there were hardly any seats to sit. When we arrived in Zwolle we needed to go to the other side of the train stadium and we almost missed our train ”again”. The train to Assen was even more full but eventually we arrived in Assen at seven minutes past seven we got picked up by our host families and had dinner with them. 


Mondag April 3th

So we started the day at the school and in the 1st room we had a little booklet we had to make a few things. In the 2nd room we had a little quiz about heerlen and Assen. In the 3rd room we were sitting in a circle and we played newspaper slap Then we went to kamp westerbork. And we 1st saw a movie about a woman who went to that kamp. Then we got a tour a they gave a lot of info but it was really interesting.


Westerbork Visit

At the morning we did some games to get to know eachother. Then we had a break and after the break we started cycling to westerbork where we went in a herinnerings centrum where we watched a movie about a women telling het story and how her teenage years in worldwar 2 as a jewish person. Then we went to the actual westerbork camp where a man gave us a tour and showed us a barak and a traintrack and told us the story/ meaning behind it. The last thing they told us was about a monument where was a stone with a symbol on it for every jewish person that was murdered in ww2. After the tour we cycled back to the school in Assen and we had dinner with our host familys and watched a movie.


Tuesday we went to borkum a german waddeneiland. We got in the bus at 8.00 in the morning we drove to the sea and then got on a boat to borkum. When we arrived we had to get on a train to get into the centrum of borkum. There we had to walk trough the nature of borkum. After the walk we got free time on the island. After our free time we had to head back to the train station so that the train cloud pick us up and bring us to our boat to go back to the netherlands. 

Senne, Jessica, Femke 



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