Terug naar overzicht

Students from our TTO2 department are visiting Leamington Spa. Every day they send us their impressions. Today we present you four blogs!

Today we started with English lessons at the language school, our home stays brought us. The lessons were interesting and we liked it. We had a small break during the lesson and after the lesson. After having the last break, we went with the coach to Stratford Upon Avon. We dropped the coach and we walked into the city of Stratford. We walked to the butterfly farm. Some kids were scared because of the butterflies, because they just came and sit on you. It was really nice and interesting to see. From the butterfly farm, we walked to the city centre to have a look at Shakespeare’s birthplace. In the ‘museum’ we firstly saw a small movie about Shakespeare. That was quite handy to see before we walked into Shakespeare’s childhood house. The tour in the house didn’t take too long, but it wasn’t a small house either. Following we had some free time. Most children went into the city for something to eat, like McDonalds or Subway. We all had full bellies and walked to the coach again. With the coach, we drove to the language school. Where we got picked up by our host families.

Sven, Bram, Sem and Gijs V2at

At the second day most people were fit and not as tired as the day before, the group we sleep with was up early and so were we. After having breakfast, packing our bags and having a bit of fun we went to school. Traffic wasn’t too bad and it was a lot of fun at school, we discussed things like vacation future jobs and how the future would look like the conditional sentences and some games like if I were …. I would…. Example: 'If were this person, I’d go to space (astronaut)'. And like you're stuck in an imaginary situation example: you have a test in two hours you didn’t learn and you can't skip class since you did last time. And that was a lot of fun.

After our lessons at the language school we went to a butterfly farm where the butterflies somethimes even landed on you. There also were some spiders, snakes, frog’s, ants and birds we saw there a lot of different kinds of butterflies some were really small and other were really big they also had a lot of different colours and looked beautiful when they came close to you. Also there was a really small bird that lost his parents. Also some people had cockroaches on their hands because the guide showed them to us. They also explained us how the life cycle of a butterfly looks like and how it changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly.
At last we went to the birthplace of Shakespeare. The house that he grew up in is located in Stratford. Shakespeare’s house was one of the few buildings that's still in its original state. In Stratford we first took a group picture and after that we went to the house. Before we entered, we first got to see a short video about Shakespeare and a few famous quotes like: to be or not to be, that is the question. Then we looked around in Shakespeare’s house. It was fascinating to see the way he and his family lived. At last we got a little bit of time to look around in the town. It was a great day with many great experiences. At last we drove back to Leamington Spa.

Quentin, Tim S, Mila V2bt

Leamington day2 1140

This morning we woke up at our host families, got ready for the day and had some breakfast. Our host family’s brought us to the Language school. We then divided the group in to 4 smaller groups. Each group had a separate classroom. We talked about William Shakespeare. I learned a lot about the writer/actor. I heard that other groups played hints and got to know each other a bit more.

After the English lesson at the language school we went to Stratford-upon-Avon. It was a 30 minute drive with the bus. We went to the butterfly farm, there were lots of different butterflies in different colours and sizes. They also kept reptiles, insects, fruits and vegetables. all butterflies were tropical, therefore it was also very humid and warm. I think it was a nice experience because we saw beautiful butterflies.

Later this day we went to Shakespeare’s first house. We made some pictures and later saw a short movie telling some facts about Shakespeare himself. and after that we went in the house and saw where he slept, wrote, and all that kind of things. When we got out of the house two actors started recreating a scene from Romeo and Juliet, the balcony scene. They wanted to do another scene but it was time and we had to leave, we got 40 minutes of free time to eat something and then got on the bus back to our host families. We had a great time especially when miss van Der Sleen ran away from the butterflies.

Lieke, Mik and Amy v2at

On day two in Leamington Spa, we started with a English lesson in the language school. Divided up in different groups, we went to our classrooms. In this lesson we began with introducing ourselves and telling about our home town, future plans, our first impression of Leamington Spa and what we wanted to achieve in our time here. Our teachers were nice. And in the lesson we talked about different types of topics with the teacher. We got the chance to give our opinions about certain things. We also did some exercise for example forbidden word, two truths one lie and some English exercises. We learned a lot from this English lesson. After half An hour we went to the butterfly farm. There were a lot of butterflies flying around and sometimes they felt comfortable coming closer to someone. There were also spiders, centipedes and cockroaches. We personally really liked the butterflies, but we weren’t really a fan of the cockroaches. Later on in the day, we got to see the birthplace of Shakespeare. Before we went we didn’t know much about Shakespeare. We didn’t know some plays of him for example Hamlet, Romeo and Julliette and Macbeth. It was really nice to see his birthplace and learning more about him and were he lived. In our host family we went to Warwick to take a walk. In Warwick we saw the Warwick Castle from the outside, we saw really old houses from around 600 years old and we went to an old nursering home for soldiers who were injured. We also came by houses were there was in old times made a rule by the king which still nowadays counts as a rule. And that is that very old people who are married can live for free in these houses. If they die the mayor chooses a new pair of old married people. Today we really had a nice day and we learned lots of new interesting things

Evi and Simone, V2bt