Terug naar overzicht

Our trip to the UK ends with the inevitable traffic jams and delays. But we finally got home with bags full of experiences and new skills!

When we woke up we started getting ready. We had some breakfast and said goodbye to our host family. I was picked up by someone else because of all the suitcases, Isha went with the sister of Jane. Jane is the person Isha and I stayed with. Isha went with Sally the sister because Jane had to go to work. When we arrived at the language school we had to wait until everybody was there so we could put our suitcase in the coach. Then we went back to the language school we had a lesson from 9:15 until 10:45 we had a short break. During the break we went to the beautiful park in Leamington Spa. When the break ended at 11:00 we had a lesson until 12:00. In the lesson we talked about superhero’s and we made one ourselves, in the begin of the lesson we had to say something positive about everybody and we played some games. All the lessons we had were really fun. We were with 8 pupils in the lessons including Keanu, Vince, Rick, Bas, Kamile, Simone, Mik and I fortunately we laughed a lot. When the lesson was over we went to the coach. We got on the bus at around 10 o'clock Jordi put on some music in the beginning but after a few sings he turned it off. We were stuck in a small traffic jam. We were supposed to go on the ferry at 17.25 but we got on at 19.00. After we had to wait for a while for the boat to come we went on the boat with the coach. When we were on the boat with the coach we had to get off the coach and go upstairs where we could sit and buy something to drink or eat. We had dinner on the boat and Starbucks. The boat trip took one and a half hour. When we were ten minutes away from the land we went back to the coach and we got in the coach. When the boat arrived we drove of it with the coach and went further home. The journey was pretty fun because we talked to our friends and listened to music. It took more than 12 hours. We arrived at our school in Heerlen at 1.10AM.
Iza, Isha, Lieke and Femke V2bt

We woke up at 8:00 we had breakfast and packed our bags. Our host family dropped us of at the language school at 9:00. We had lessons from 9:15 to 10:45 then a little break from 15 minutes and then lessons again from 11:00 to 11:50. We began our journey home at 12:00. It was 16:30 when we arrived at Dover we had to wait 3 hours for the ferry. It took 90 minutes to get to Calais on the boat. Then we headed to Sintermeerten where we arrived at 1:10AM.
Remco, Joah and Timo, V2at