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Trip to the United Kingdom by year group 2 TTO - May 6 -10


Day 1 * Monday

Leamington Spa trip / Made by Luna and Ruby.

We started our trip at school, we had a long journey a head of us. So, everyone had a lot of candy with them so that they had more energy to get through this trip.

We arrived in Calais there we needed to go through the borders. Then we went on the boat where we were for 2 hours, this was nice.

11:00 We arrived in Dover there we went with the bus again for 3,5 hours.  15:40 Around we finally arrived in Royal Leamington Spa.

16:00   We went to the school where we are going to take lessons this week.

  • We went to the park of Leamington spa
  • We then got a bit of History about the city:
  • 1. She first told about how 3 elephants would come to Leamington spa after they were done travelling around Europe. They would take a bath in the lake from the park.
  • 2. The ground water is used as spa water that’s why the city is called Leamington Spa. A lot of rich people would come to Leamington spa and they would spend a lot of money. So, Leamington Spa grew bigger and bigger.
  • 3. We went to Royal town hall. The street next to it a lot of busses drive there. It is strange because the people drive on the other side of the road, so we need to be careful with crossing the road.
  • After all that we had some free time in the park.
  • After 30 minutes of free time we needed to head back to the heart English school and we needed to wait for the host families to pick us up. This was around 18:30 (English time).

19:00 We arrived at our host family which is very nice. There we had dinner and what free time in the house.

This was our first day....

Day 2 * Tuesday

We had first a lesson and then we went to the Shakespeare's house and to the butterfly farm.
Everyone had to be on school at 09:15. There we got divided into 3 groups, each group had 14 a 15 people in it. We had lessons until 10:45. At this time we got a brake and we ate the lunch that our host family's made for us. We walked to the park and we ate there together with all of us. Then at 11:00 we needed to go back. We had lessons until 12:30 and then we had a brake for 30 minutes and we needed to go into the bus. We had a lesson from a man who taught us something about biology. Then we went into the bus and we drove to Shakespeare's house (Shakespeare is a famous writer and musical man) we had a look in his house were he was born. There was a nice garden with flowers and we got a house tour. The bed you see on the picture is the bed where Shakespeare was born. He was a really  impressive man and he made Engeland famous. Later on he went to live in London. Then we walked to the butterfly farm, there we met a nice women who guided us around the butterfly farm. It was really hot in it because that was the good temperature for the butterflies to live. She taught us about species and the development. Then she saw an iguana and we walked further we needed to go on a bridge because there were a lot of fish swimming in the pool they got there. Then we walked into another room and there were snakes and reptiles and spiders. For the people who wanted they could hold a cockroach which was really big. Then we got out of the butterfly farm and we had free time. I went to the Mcdonalds to have a mcflurry. Then we drove back to the language school where we had lessons and the host families took us home.


Day 3 * Wednesday

Onderwerp: Blog chloë and Evi, Wednesday Oxford!!

Our day started very early, when we got in the bus we were a little bit sleepy. Then we arrived unfortunately the weather was so bad that we had to use a umbrella to stay dry. 
We firstly went to the museum of national history in Oxford. It’s a very impressing building, from the inside and the outside! We firstly went into a room where a woman told us about Darwin’s theory of evolution. Chloë had the opportunity to hold a cockroach so she did that and got 5 euro’s from Roemer.
We also got time to look around and saw the bones of some dinosaurs, which was really cool!!
After that we went for a tour and saw some really nice and old colleges, but in the middle of the tour it started raining again so that wasn’t really nice!
After we got the tour we walked through Oxford, and we had time to shop, honestly we liked that the most but that’s because we love to shop, and we almost saw every store in the shopping mall :’) 
When our stopping time was over we had to go back to the coach and drove to a pub, there we had fish and chips and it was really fun and the vibe was really nice amongst us all.
After that we went to the host families, we went to the asda which is a supermarket (you can compare it to a Walmart) we bought some food that we don’t have in the Netherlands and we went back home, there we talked with the woman from the host family and after that we danced on our room and looked if we fitted in all the clothes we bought, we talked a little bit and after that we went to sleep. It was a really nice day!

Evi and Chloë

Day 4 * Thirsday

Today we woke up at 08:00, we ate a very tasteful breakfast by our host families and went to the Language school. We had 1 lesson at the Language school, from 9:15 until 10:30. After the lessons we went with the whole group to the coach for driving to the school. We went to Hardenhuish, that’s a school in Chippenham. When we arrived at the school the group was divided into 3 different teams. First you got a tour through the school. We saw many different rooms and the building was very huge. For example the Physics room was on a whole different side then the Maths room. After the tour we got a paper with the subject we had to follow the upcomming minutes. Then we were matched with a student from Hardenhuish. He/she took you to the correct classroom. He also stayed during the lessen (ofcourse). The lesson took 50 minutes and you had many different subjects. For example: Maths,gym,religion,music and drama. After the lessons we all met in the hallway and we made a group picture together. After that we went back to the coach and drove 2,5 hours back to Leamington Spa, then we were picked up by our hostfamilies and we ate (again) a very nice dinner. 

Jurre & Daan & Maxim - B2AT

Day 5 * Friday

By: Peter and Sem

In the morning we got up and we packed our stuff, because we were going to leave that day. We did our hair and we eat some breakfast with milk and cornflakes, toast and some orange juice.                             

Then we went with the car to the language school, there we were put in 3 groups and every group had another subject. We had English: we did some games and some grammar.

After school we had some free time and we went with a couple of kids to the McDonalds and a supermarket that was cheap.

We then went to the couch; we loaded all the bags and we said goodbye to some teachers of the language school. After a couple of hours in the couch Yvo began to fell ill and barfed. We stopped for some fresh air and again we drove away. When we were at the port, we again had some free time to shop or get some food. Me with a friend bought some hot chocolate and other friends bought some pillows. On the boat we sat for a time, stood on the deck, bought some stuff.

We drove for six hours, 30 minutes before we arrive at Sintermeerten the bus stopped, and we needed to clean the bus. After this we were not allowed the eat and or drink on the bus. When we arrived, everyone waited for their own bags and everyone went home.


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